Our Story

A Miraculous Discovery: Unearthing California's Medicinal Waters

In 1914, artist and explorer Cabot Yerxa stumbled upon the hot springs of the Coachella Valley desert and quickly discovered the therapeutic properties of these mineral-rich natural pools. The healing waters captivated the locals with their seemingly miraculous skin-soothing effects: unclogging pores, decreasing inflammation, and smoothing wrinkles to create a silky, glowing complexion. Soon enough, word of the rejuvenating hot springs spread, and people from across the country descended on the desert to bask in the medicinal waters. To this day, the Coachella Valley thermal springs are commonly referred to as the “the fountain of youth” and are revered as one of the most precious natural phenomenons in California.

Combining a Natural Phenomenon with Oxygen Therapy 

Decades later, a local respiratory therapist named Deborah Houghton became fascinated by the water's curative properties and urged her patients to visit the hot springs as a supplement to her oxygen therapy. The results were unprecedented: the two therapies combined left her patients with exceptionally luminous, revitalized skin. Not only were her patients boasting clearer complexions, but their fine lines were dramatically softened and those with uneven pigmentation found it considerably smoothed. She knew she had to delve into the science behind the water's magic. 

The Birth of B22 Active

Deborah’s potent combination therapy produced alluring results, but it could only be achieved by making the trek to the Coachella Valley. She began to develop an active ingredient that would harness the potency of her oxygen treatment and hot spring therapy. After years of research, she isolated the water's most powerful skin-enhancing minerals and fused these compounds with the perfect combination of micronutrients to create the most hydrating, long-lasting emollient. Our miracle ingredient, B22 Active, was born.

Perfecting Our Custom Formula with Skincare Science

While the B22 Active sits at the core of every formula developed by B22 Health, select formulations like our B22 Health Night Gel incorporate the highest-quality supplemental ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and potent ceramides to create the most nourishing skincare treatment. Our Night Gel is perfectly designed to replicate and complement the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) to ensure that the formulation fully absorbs into the skin and dramatically enhances your natural barrier function, promoting a natural, dewy look and feel. 

Try B22 Health Night Gel today to experience the transformative formula yourself.