Our Story

Our Hot Spring Roots

In 1914, artist and explorer Cabot Yerxa stumbled upon one of the most precious natural phenomenons in California: the therapeutic hot springs of the Coachella Valley desert. This surging artery of nutrient-rich water from ancient reservoirs rejuvenated and soothed skin, smoothing wrinkles and creating a luxurious glow. Soon, the country’s wealthiest movie stars, athletes, and business tycoons received word of the discovery and began to retreat west and visit these springs to bask in the water’s skin-rejuvenating properties.

The Compounding Effects of Oxygen

On several occasions in following decades, these wealthy hot-spring patrons would rave about the magical effects of the desert hot spring water to a local respiratory therapist, Deborah Houghton, who herself began to notice the incredible effect that the hot springs had on the youthfulness of skin, an effect that was magnified when combined with oxygen therapy. Deborah began to promote the magical hot spring water as a supplement to oxygen therapy and the age-reversing effect was unprecedented. The two therapies combined created skin that appeared exceptionally  bright, soft, and smooth. Deborah had unlocked the key to youth.

The Birth of B22 Active

Deborah’s secret combined oxygen-hot-spring therapy produced results on skin unseen anywhere else in the world--but they could only be achieved by making the trek to the Coachella Valley. She began to develop an active ingredient based on her revolutionary treatment so that her patients could continue experience the benefits of this revolutionary therapy no matter where in the world they were. After years of research spent isolating the properties in the hot spring oxygen therapy that lead to perfect skin, the miracle ingredient B22 Active was born and the world of skincare was forever changed.

Boosted by the Latest in Skincare Science

Every formula developed by B22 Health is designed to replicate and complement the skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) to ensure that the formulation absorbs perfectly into the skin and to promote a natural, dewy look and feel. Select formulations like our B22 Health Night Gel additionally incorporate the highest-quality supplemental ingredients like hyaluronic acid that contribute to skin rejuvenation at every level.