You Are Applying Your Skincare Products the Wrong Way

You have high expectations when you buy a new skincare product – and you should! You buy those serums and creams because you want to have the fresh, healthy glow the manufacturer promises. If you have a collection of failed products hiding under your bathroom sink that just didn’t deliver, then it may be time to look at things differently. The problem may not be the products. It may be your application.

The Wrong Way

We’ve been taught to smear and rub since we applied our first dose of moisturizer. Commercials show women gracefully rubbing in expensive serums with gentle, circular rubbing motions. It’s like they’re trying to scrub the product into their skin. It feels normal, and we do it almost instinctively. Instinctive or not, though, it’s still the wrong way.

There are two problems with trying to rub in product. First of all, it doesn’t help your skin absorb anything. It may help it absorb less, actually. It’s also just bad for your skin. The smearing motion drags product into your pores and leads to blockages. Smearing also pulls your skin. Although this isn’t dramatic damage, when you perform this ritual at least twice a day, it can lead to early fine line development. The traditional smear and rub may even aggravate your lymphatic system, which will leave you looking blotchy, red, and swollen. When you’re paying top dollar for great products, you expect results. However, if you aren’t applying the product the right way, then even the best serum in the world can’t do its best work.

The Right Way

The good news is, there is a very easy way to correct your skincare application issues. You need to dab rather than smear. No, we are not talking about the dance move. We’re talking about patting. You’ve heard about patting dry with a towel, right? It’s essentially the same thing. Instead of trying to rub your skincare products across your face, gently pat them into your skin. This process avoids the pitfalls of smearing, and it comes with several important benefits. One of the most important is collagen promotion. This helps your skin keep its elasticity. The same move helps blood flow and actually works the product deeper into your skin than the smear technique.

To get the most out of your product, pat in a pattern. Work from your jaw line up, and work out from your nasolabial folds. If you’re applying eye cream, make sure you start at the inner corner and gradually work your way out. These are simple steps, but they have a lasting effect on your skin. They’ll help you get the most out of your skincare products, too, so you can finally get the glow you’re looking for.

The best products deserve the best application process – and so do you. Patting on your skincare products is much better for your skin, and it will help you achieve that perfect glow you’ve been looking for. Best of all, it’s a simple change that costs you absolutely nothing.

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