When To Expect Results from Skincare Products

When you buy a new product, you always secretly hope that a single application will trigger a magical transformation. Glitter and light should flood your bathroom after you pat on a bit of your new serum, cleanser, etc. Once that clears, you’ll find a model’s face beaming back at you in the mirror. The thing is, skincare relies on science to deliver results, not magic. If you change products frequently because they just don’t work, you may be giving up too soon.

Consider What the Product Does

We live in the age of instant gratification, and some skincare products offer that. Not all of them do, however, and that doesn’t mean they’ve failed. Moisturizers deliver fast results, mostly because they add moisture to your skin directly. That makes your skin softer and smoother to the touch. Pretty much every other type of skincare product takes more time to work. However, these long-term investments usually deliver a better payout than any shortcuts provide.

A mask removes sebaceous material from your pores and rips away the top layer of dead skin. But sebaceous secretions won’t stop, and your skin will need exfoliation again later in the week. On the other hand, using a good toner and cleanser duo to combat your acne will take more time. They adjust the pH of your skin over time. You can’t rush that process, nor should you.

Look at Active Ingredients

Different ingredients help your skin in different ways. Even if two different products offer an intense moisturizing experience, that doesn’t mean they necessarily do the same thing to your skin. For example, if you use hyaluronic acid, you can expect results almost immediately. That’s one of the main reasons why this ingredient boomed in popularity. Other products take more time. Aloe, for instance, heals skin and helps restore smoothness, but its healing properties take a little time to show. Your skin should feel better shortly after application, but don’t expect an instant transformation.

Have Patience

If your new skincare product hasn’t given you the Cinderella-like transformation you were hoping for, just be patient. You can still get that fairytale princess glow, but it can take weeks for the product to really work. Remember, most great skincare products work at a cellular level. Not only does it take your routine a while to make those changes, but it may take time for the revitalized skin to rise to the surface. The surface is technically already dead, and you may need to shed a few layers before uncovering the new you.

Some products take even more time. Retinol and Vitamin C take the longest to make a noticeable difference. Instead of weeks, they could take months to create the changes you wanted. Just because they work slowly, however, doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the investment. Sometimes you need patience to get the best results.

Great skin requires a great skincare routine. Take time to develop a regular regimen, and give products a chance to work. They may just surprise you in the best way possible.

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