What Chemicals You Should Stay Away From in Your Skincare and Makeup Routine

Although we often don’t read what our skincare or makeup products contain, it’s about time we pay more attention to it. Only by looking at the ingredients of each product, will we determine which ingredients are good for us and our skin, and which are the ones that we should definitely stay away from and avoid. Here is a list of chemicals that you should definitely try to avoid in your skincare and makeup routine.


One chemical that is a big no-no, and should be avoided when possible is mercury. This is an ingredient that a lot of makeup companies use so as to give you that lighter complexion. This ingredient can also be found in mascara and should be avoided when possible. One negative effect that can develop by applying a product such as this on our body is mercury poisoning. Therefore, next time you’re buying products make sure that they don’t include this ingredient.


Something that a lot of products are trying to market these days is how they’re paraben free. Although the main use of paraben is to help prevent the growth of bacteria in your product, it actually has more negative effects than it does positive. One of the most horrific effects that it can have is the fact that it contains properties that are often associated with breast cancer or breast tumors. Although the amount of parabens that are found in make-up or skincare is only a little, that is still not an excuse to have it in there. Therefore, next time you’re shopping for a new product, make sure it’s definitely “paraben free”.


Fragrance doesn’t sound that scary does it? Well, unfortunately, there are a lot of harmful ingredients that are hidden behind the word fragrance. In fact, this word can hide a mixture of harmful ingredients that unfortunately companies don’t have to share with you. They can just slap the word fragrance on the product without disclosing what this “fragrance” actually contains. Some of these fragrances are often found to be connected with allergic reactions, difficulty breathing or painful headaches. So, next time you see the word fragrance or perfume on a product, ask yourself what are the ingredients that you can’t know about.


Although silicone bases are often used to make your skin look smoother and fill in the pores, there is something that you need to know next time you’re buying a product with the ingredient siloxane on it. Two chemicals, often labeled as D4 and D5, can have more negative than positive effects. These negative effects can range from hormonal interferences to interferences with fertility. Although we don’t know the chances of this happening to you, it’s better to go for something more natural and avoid the risk altogether.


Often found in nail polish and hair spray, this ingredient can also have some harmful effects. Just like parabens, this ingredient may lead to an increased risk of breast cancer or birth defects in both males and females. Therefore, although a nail color might look appealing always check on the back to see whether this ingredient can be found. If you see that the product contains this ingredient, then it’s maybe safer to go for something that doesn’t have such a big side effect.


Another product that we can readily find in some deodorants and even toothpaste is called triclosan. There are some studies that have recently raised certain red flags about this ingredient. Most of them concur that triclosan actually contributes to making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Apart from that, this ingredient is also linked to an increase in cancer and endocrine disruption, which is something that you should definitely think about next time you’re buying your toothpaste. Instead of getting a product that can harm you in such a way, maybe it’s better to opt for something safer and just leave this on the shelf where it belongs.

Chemical colors

Chemical colors are often added to cosmetic products to make them look more appealing. However, although they might look better, it doesn’t mean that they are actually good. In fact, chemical colors are often considered a human carcinogen, which may result in doing more bad than good. Since there are actual studies connecting this ingredient to cancer properties, it’s often better to stay away from it, no matter how appealing the product may seem.

With that being said, when choosing a skincare or makeup product, we should spend more time analyzing the properties of the product, instead of seeing whether we like the packaging or how it looks on us. Although a product may look eye-catching and appealing, it doesn’t always mean that it’s the best product for us. So, next time you go shopping, make sure you look at the ingredient list, and if you find one of these ingredients, then maybe you should just go for something else. Then again there are some things that can be good for us, such as certain bacteria that can actually help us than do us harm.


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