Treating Syringoma at Home

Notice little bumps under your eyes? They aren’t acne, and they don’t fade on their own. If this sounds familiar, you probably have syringoma. This skin condition is frustrating and persistent, but you may be able to treat it at home.

What Is Syringoma?

Syringoma is a skin condition that creates tiny bumps or lesions under the skin, usually around the eyes. These lesions look a lot like acne that never develops a white head. Keep in mind that although syringoma marks are usually white, they may appear yellow, brown, slightly pinked, or even skin toned. Bumps may appear on other parts of the body, too, although the area just under the eyes is by far the most common. If you have tiny, acne-like bumps that do not fade after a couple weeks, you probably have syringoma.

Hormonal imbalances or dramatic life events that cause changes in the hormones often lead to syringoma outbreaks. Most sufferers are in their adolescence or late teens, and they are usually women, but men may suffer from this condition, too. Adult women may develop syringoma bumps during hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, menopause, etc. The condition is hereditary, and ultimately everyone is at risk.

How to Treat the Condition Independently

Home treatments for syringoma are fairly limited, and the best involve strong over the counter treatments. Retinoids, of course, always useful, and if you don’t use it already, you should invest in a highly concentrated retinoid product. Check out alpha hydroxy acids, too. These may help the lesions dry out and flake off on their own. These products are commercially available, and you may be able to get prescription strength alternatives as well. Your other best bet for home treatment is a chemical peel. Choose a peel with at least fifteen percent concentrations of glycolic acid for best results. The higher the concentration, the better.

Remember to use all of these products with caution, especially around your eyes. This is an extremely sensitive area, and you should always spot-test before using a new product. Removing syringoma lesions is pointless if you leave behind chemical burns and irritated skin.

Benefits of Heading to the Dermatologist’s Office

Going to the dermatologist is your best option. Your doctor has access to advanced treatment methods you could never replicate at home, including laser therapy and electrosurgery. Taking care of your skin’s general health is your job, but when stubborn problems like bumps under the eyes appear, it’s worth the trip to the doctor. They may be able to sort out your issues faster. You go to them for expert opinions, after all. Trust the skincare experts to handle your syringoma.

Your doctor went to med school for a reason, and they are best equipped to deal with bumps under your eyes. They have prescription strength peels and serums in addition to surgical therapies. Scheduling an appointment instead of dealing with the issue on your own will save you time and potentially money. It’s also the shortest path back to smooth skin, which is everyone’s ultimate goal.

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