The Best Ways to Deal with Large Pores

Do your pores bother you? They serve an essential function in maintaining healthy skin, but your pores can also serve as early warning signs of sun damage, poor diet, and the need for a better skincare routine. Still, large pores stand out and draw attention, but not in the way you want. To fight back, you need to understand why pores appear enlarged, how to deal with them, and how general skincare habits can prevent future problems.

Why Are My Pores So Big?

Although pore size is determined by genetics, there are many reasons your pores may appear larger than usual. If your follicles increase in volume, your pores will become more obvious on the surface. This usually comes from clogging. Of course, your pores may simply look bigger due to excess sebum. Sebum pools at the top of your pores, and in certain situations this may make them appear larger or more noticeable, especially if the sebum mixes with dirt or makeup.

Keep in mind that your pores are not controlled by muscles. Contrary to many popular products’ claims, you cannot physically open and close pores. While they may become blocked and stretched, it’s impossible to “shrink” your pores’ normal size. That said, there are ways to make your pores less obvious.

What Can I Do about Them?

Big, obvious pores often suffer clogging, as mentioned above. The best way to prevent and combat clogged pores is regular cleansing. Always wash your face with a reliable cleanser after wearing makeup, sweating at the gym, or participating in outdoor activities. You should wash your face twice a day, anyway, so this step should fit easily into your regular grooming habits.

Regular exfoliation boosts the effects of cleansing. Use a scrub or peel once a week to remove excess oil, dead skin, and other detritus that could find its way into your pores. This will help keep your skin soft and even-toned, too, so you have nothing to lose.

If you already cleanse regularly and exfoliate, but you’re still unhappy with the size of your pores, try changing your products. Oil-based skincare products are great for people with dry skin, but if you produce too much sebum, you really don’t need any more oil on your face. Look for water-based and gel skincare solutions instead.

How Can I Get Better-Looking Skin?

Highly visible pores may be part of a larger skincare issue. Enlarged pores could be an early sign of sun damage or premature aging. You may be losing collagen, which prevents your skin from sagging. If you don’t regularly wear sunscreen, you could already have serious damage. Changing your diet to include more collagen-boosting foods (read: fruits and vegetables) is a good way to help reverse the visible effects of sun damage. Make sure you wear sun protection in the future, eat a diet that will support your skin, and always try to drink more water. These everyday measures may not be the most exciting part of your skincare routine, but they can have the greatest effect on your skin’s overall health and appearance.

You can take the first steps towards smaller-looking pores today. Go wash your face, check your skincare products, and refill your water glass. Remember, your pores are just another part of your skin, and healing requires practical measures both inside and out.

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