Stop Biting Your Nails

One habit that most people would love to be able to shake is biting their nails. Not only does that leave your nails looking unattractive, to say the least, but it also can’t be good for you to ingest all the dirt that has been accumulated under your nails. So, if you are trying to stay away from an infection and stop the habit of biting your nails then read on.

Keep your hands busy

If your hands are busy, you won’t even think of biting your nails. Most of the time we tend to bite our nails when we are either stressed or just have nothing better to do. That’s why we say it’s a habit. So, if you want to avoid biting your nails, always keep your hands busy. Different people have different methods. Just try to find what works for you. Some people like to twiddle their thumbs, carry something in their pockets so that they can play with it, tap their fingers and many more. Try whatever you can and find the thing that is most suitable for you and can help you break away from your habit.

Keep your mouth busy

Now that you’ve learned how to keep your hands busy, it’s time to learn how to keep your mouth busy as well. Instead of biting your nails, and ingesting all the harmful things that come with it, why not try to nibble on something else. Some people like to chew gum, since, no one bites their nails at the same time as chewing gum. Another thing you could do is to have a snack once in a while when you feel like biting your nails. However, if you are trying to avoid gaining weight, then make sure you have some healthy snacks. If your mouth and hands are busy, you won’t have time to think about biting your nails.

Wear bitter-tasting nail polish

One thing that you could try if you just can’t break the urge to bite your nails is to apply some bitter-tasting nail polish. You apply this just like regular nail polish, and you let it dry. The trick is, that once you go to bite your nails, you’ll get a nasty taste in your mouth. This might deter you from biting your nails ever again. You can buy one of these nail polishes at any local pharmacy or grocery store and they are pretty cheap as well. This is something that most people try when trying to break this habit, and most people swear by this method.

Give manicures a try

If your nails look great, you might not want to ruin them, so getting regular manicures can easily be one of the best things that you can do. When you see how much time you’ve spent doing your nails, most people would not want to waste that. So, anytime you have the urge to go and bite your nails, treat yourselves to a nice manicure that might stop you from doing it.

Trim your nails

Although many people love long nails, the best way to avoid biting your nails would be to keep them short. How would you bite your nails, if there isn’t that much to bite? Well, that’s why trimming your nails short might be the best thing that you can do. Long nails naturally look more appealing to bite, so make sure you always keep your nails short.

Wear Fake nails

Another great way to get rid of your habit is to wear fake nails. Although a lot of people don’t like this look, this might be the best way to stop biting them. You can either get your nails professionally done, or you can buy one of those press on nails from one of your nearby stores. The good thing about this is that not only can you not bite your nails, but while the fake nails are on, your real nails can grow. No one enjoys biting fake nails, so this will definitely keep you away from this bad habit.

Be patient

There is something that is more important than everything else. That is to be patient. You can’t expect to break this habit in a day, or a week either. Everything takes time, so don’t try to rush it. Getting angry or stressed about your lack of progress can just lead you back into your habit. So try to set a reasonable goal. Don’t expect to stop biting your nails immediately. 

There is such thing as good and bad habits. Biting your nails is one of those bad habits that you just need to break. Not only will it make your hands look better, but you’ll also be able to avoid catching an infection. Be patient and determined and you’ll definitely be able to reach your goal. If you want a real head start then make sure you follow these tips.

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