Skincare Mistakes to Avoid in Your 20's

Ever see someone make an obvious mistake? Skincare experts see a lot of them, especially from patients in their twenties. When you’re young, it feels like your body can handle anything. Aging skin is always someone else’s problem, and you feel invincible. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The choices you make now will decide how you look later in life.

Forgetting Sunscreen

Although you probably remember to grab the sunscreen before going to the beach, you probably aren’t using it as often as you should. According to skin experts everywhere, you should wear sunscreen every time you go outside. If you work outside your home, this means you need sunscreen every single day. It’s easy to forget how powerful the sun is, but even the minor exposure you suffer through the car window on the way to work is enough to trigger premature aging. Using sunscreen early and often will help you keep your youthful glow much, much longer.

Confusing Makeup Wipes with Cleanser

Wiping your face with a makeup remover does not equal washing it. Now you know. The fact is, makeup wipes smear as much, or more, than they actually remove. That means all the bacteria and oil accumulating on your face throughout the day stays there. Proper cleansing does much more to keep your skin healthy and clear.

Pimple Popping and Picking

Everyone wants to pop big, obnoxious whiteheads. It’s almost instinctive. Unfortunately, that’s also a great way to make your pores bigger. Popping pimples and picking at scabs can create noticeable scarring, too, and these scars may become more noticeable over time. Apart from the momentary joy of removing a blemish, there is nothing to gain by attacking breakouts. Since white and blackheads contain bacteria, a popped pimple just spreads the bacteria to other, nearby pores. The more you touch the affected area, the worse it will get. It’s better to just layer on the concealer for a day or two. A momentary embarrassment is better than a permanent mark.

Trashing Your Body

Your sleep and eating habits impact your skin, just like they do every other organ. Stressing your body by filling it with junk food quickly drains your youthful glow. Without proper nutrition, skin will lose its elasticity and even tone much faster. Paired with irregular sleep cycles, this problem only intensifies. Stress is the shortest route to premature aging, and stress takes many forms. Even if you are mentally well-balanced, your diet and lifestyle could be placing undue stress on the rest of your body. Taking care of yourself now will protect your skin tomorrow.

Failing to Put Together a Skincare Routine

Even though you are still in your prime, you need a regular skincare routine in your twenties. Take time to cleanse and moisturize every day – twice if possible. Exfoliating from time to time will also help you avoid acne breakouts, ingrown hairs, and other conditions that may leave long term damage. Most importantly, use a good moisturizer and apply it after you cleanse. You want to look your best, and a regular skincare routine will help bring out your natural glow. It will help you keep that goal through the decades to come, too.

Aging is ultimately inevitable, but you may be welcoming wrinkles and spotty skin sooner than necessary thanks to a few bad habits. Protecting yourself now is essential to your skin’s long term health and appearance. Don’t wait and fight to repair damage. Work to prevent damage instead.

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