Skincare for Those Who Don't Care

We’ve all had off days. We know we’re supposed to wash off that makeup before we hit the sack, but it’s been a long day, and probably a long night, and we just don’t care. You may live in this state all the time. There are lots of things you know you should do, but you just don’t have the time or the drive to do them. Skincare is important, though. It doesn’t have to be as complicated or annoying as you think, though. Here are a few tips to make your skincare routine easier, even when you couldn’t care less.


If you don’t want to bend over the sink, splashing water everywhere and making a mess whenever you wash your face, skip it. Go with a simple product like micellar water, instead. Think of it as soap and water in the same bottle. There’s no need to rinse at all. Just pour some on a piece of cotton and wipe the grime off your face. It’s effective, inexpensive, and never leaves your bathroom looking like it just went through a water war. It’s also as convenient as a makeup or baby wipe without the drawbacks. Clean your face every night at the very least. Cleaning in the morning helps, but it’s most important to get the day’s gunk off your face before it has time to clog pores and create other problems.


You can survive without a serum, but your skin will age faster. In a few years, you’ll really wish you’d taken the time to pat or spray a bit on your face in the morning. A serum goes on right after cleansing, and it can make a huge difference in skin’s elasticity and glow. If you’re in a big rush, and you don’t have time for traditional serum, keep a spray version in your bag. You literally just mist it over your face. No cleanup. No second step. You’re done.


Now, not everyone needs moisturizer, even if they take an hour every morning to prep their skin. It depends a lot on your skin type and environment. That said, if your face gets tight and uncomfortably dry during the winter, you may need some. Moisturizer isn’t as heavy as a lotion, so it won’t leave you feeling oily and gross. Keep some on your bathroom counter just in case. You may not need it every day, but it’s there if you do.

Sun Protection

Even if you don’t want to perform any of the prior steps on this list, you still need this. If you don’t wash your face, your skin won’t be as luminous as it could be, and you might be more likely to suffer acne outbreaks. If you skip sunscreen, however, you dramatically increase your chances of developing skin cancer. You’ll also age much more quickly than peers who use sunscreen. UV rays cause rapid skin degeneration, so you’ll have spots and sagging skin while your friends are still glowing and firm. Seriously, find a nice, light facial sunscreen, maybe even one combined with a moisturizer. Keep it in your bag so you can add it throughout the day as you remember it. This is one skincare tip that could literally save your life.

Skincare doesn’t have to be time consuming. You don’t even have to care about it. If you want to keep your glow past your twenties, however, you need to do a little basic maintenance on your face. Keep it clean, keep it hydrated, and keep it safe.

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