Prematurely Aged Skin: Five Signs and Solutions

Have you noticed a change in the mirror recently? Aging is unavoidable, but if you see fine lines and dark spots on your face in your twenties and early thirties, then you’re definitely suffering from premature aging. Regardless of your actual age, there are ways to protect and treat your skin to help keep your birth date a secret.

Stubborn Lines

Many people notice lines before any other sign of premature aging. Wrinkles are the clichéd mark of the elderly, after all, and it’s easy to panic when you notice that your frown lines don’t entirely fade when you relax your face. Still, there is no reason to panic. Panic, actually, may be the cause of those lines in the first place. Stress does more than make you frown. It actually damages your skin, so worrying actually won’t help anything. Keep in mind that stress encompasses more than just work and relationship troubles. Your body may be under stress from a bad diet, prolonged illness, or chemical imbalance. Rest and recovery are just as important as moisturizers and anti-aging creams for this symptom.

Dark Spots

A dark spot is always a sign of sun damage. It doesn’t matter if it’s a freckle or a splotch – you can blame the sunshine. Spots are also one of the very first signs of sun damage, which means things will get worse if you don’t take immediate action. To prevent further damage, use more sunscreen. If a layer of sun block is already part of your daily routine, you should use a higher SPF. Invest in protective accessories like wide-brimmed hats for days out, too. Tone repair serums are your best choice for damage control, especially those with Vitamins A, C, and E.

Red Nose and Cheeks

A blush is charming, but not when it lasts forever. Unlike spots, redness may be hard to point out or isolate to a particular area of your face, but if you notice your nose or cheeks are consistently red, then your skin is aging prematurely. Like dark spots, you have the sun to thank for this unwanted rosiness. It’s often caused by burst capillaries under the skin, or you may be suffering from consecutive minor sunburns. Both, of course, come from sun damage. To deal with perpetual flushes, look to anti-aging creams. Natural, soothing ingredients can help repair the damage and restore an even tone.

Loss of Elasticity

Drooping skin, particularly along the jaw, is a natural part of aging, but if you notice it in your twenties or early thirties, then it’s definitely premature. You have the sun to thank for this symptom as well. By now you might be noticing a trend. The sun is terrible for your skin, and it is the leading cause of premature signs of aging. To stay safe, you need to use sun block for more than just sunny vacation days. Even if it’s a cloudy day, you need to protect yourself. To help repair the damage, look for anti-aging creams with ingredients like Vitamin C. These will help boost collagen production and keep your skin firm.


If you notice your skin feels tight and dry all the time, chances are your problems are genetic. Although sudden dryness may stem from changes in your surroundings (like a recent move, seasonal shift, etc.) this symptom is usually a gift from your parents. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat it, though. Moisturizers without parabens or mineral oils will help rejuvenate your skin without adding stresses.

Even if you have a few of the symptoms on this list, you can prevent many other signs of aging by taking precautions now. First and foremost – use your sunscreen. It is well worth the hassle, and it’s worth its weight in gold. Work on handling stress, and take time to look for a great moisturizer.

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