Orlando Bloom's Latest Skincare Technique: Sheet Masks

A few days ago Orlando Bloom scared half of Instagram with a very, very strange selfie. He had a damp, papery thing over his face that made him look like he was testing makeup effects for a new Mummy film. Was it a prank? Is he recovering from burns? In reality, Bloom simply showcased a skincare technique westerners are just now catching on to. What is this mysterious and vaguely disturbing treatment? It’s a sheet mask.

What Is a Sheet Mask?

Sheet masks originate from Korean skincare. These simple sheets have holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth, and the rest is infused with moisturizers and other beneficial compounds. Think of it as a clay mask, but instead of paste that you smear on your skin, it’s a solid sheet. Sheet masks are usually made of paper, but they may also be made of very thin fabric.

Unlike many paste masks, sheet masks are very gentle on your skin, especially since you don’t have to physically wash them off. This makes them particularly good for moisturizing. If you struggle with dull, dry skin, and other masks haven’t worked for you, sheet masks may be a great alternative. On the other hand, if you like masks in general, sheet masks might be a wonderful addition to your skincare regimen.

How/When Should You Use One?

Sheet masks are basically hydration tools with benefits. They help your skin recover moisture while also offering some great additives. Those additives depend on the sheet mask brand and style, so look around to find the best product for your needs. There is a huge variety available, so you have plenty to choose from.

Once you have the mask you want, when should you use it? Well, remember what it does? It’s essentially a moisturizer with a bit of serum-like benefits, so you should put it on after cleansing and using your regular toner. If you want to increase the sheet mask’s impact, go ahead and apply your serum before adding the mask. This seals in the serum and may boost the mask’s own abilities.

You can use a sheet mask whenever you want, really. It’s important to prep your skin in the proper order, but there is no limit on the number of times you can use a sheet mask in a given period of time. It’s a great product to use when you need a little extra hydration during the dry winter. It’s also nice after a sunburn. You ultimately don’t need a reason at all. It’s a small luxury that you and your skin will love.

Orlando Bloom is one of the most infamously ageless actors in Hollywood. He’s hardly aged a day since he first rose to popularity following his role as an elf in The Lord of the Rings. Taking note of his skincare routine certainly couldn’t hurt the rest of us mortals. Sheet masks may not turn you into an elf, but they’re a fun addition to your skincare routine that can help boost the performance of your favorite serum. They’re well worth trying out yourself.

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