Nine Foods for Glowing Skin

Everyone wants that radiant look on their faces, which is why highlighters are such a big thing today. However, some people just want to have that radiance come from within instead of piling on the highlighter. It turns out that there are certain foods that you can eat that will help you achieve that effect in no time. Here are nine of them.


Who would have thought that tomatoes could be the thing that will help your skin look healthier and more glowy? However, it’s been researched that tomatoes contain an antioxidant that helps fight premature aging, thus helps the skin look younger and fresher. Apart from this, it can also help protect the skin from the sun, which is one of the main culprits that cause dry and lifeless skin. With that being said, instead of eating the tomato fresh, it’s often best to cook it, so tomato paste or tomato sauce is often the best for glowy skin.


Salmon has something that is necessary if we want to have glowy skin. This is actually Omega 3 as well as DMAE, which moisturize the skin from the inside out. They are also known to protect the skin from too much sun, which is perfect since too much heat is known to dry out your skin. If that wasn’t enough, salmon is also recommended when trying to fight wrinkles, since it promotes the decrease of wrinkles and sagging, and tightens and firms your skin.


One of the best foods that are known to help you achieve that glowy skin effect is carrots. Since this vegetable is high in Vitamin A, it’s known to help your skin look healthy and glowy, by slowing your aging and preventing the degeneration of cells. Carrots also prevent the overproduction of cells which can often clog your pores, and make your skin look dull and lifeless.


If you hadn’t had enough reasons to eat eggs, here is one more. Since the egg, especially the yolk is so rich in vitamins, such as the Vitamin B, it’s the perfect food when you want to achieve that glow from within look. Apart from that, it’s also said that it can protect your skin from acne which is yet another benefit.


Who doesn’t love potatoes? Well, it turns out, they aren’t really bad for you. Actually, if you want your skin to glow, this might be just the vegetable you need. Apart from giving your skin that desired radiance, potatoes can also help prevent and decrease discoloration, which will only make your skin look healthier and just better altogether.


Although fruit and vegetables are good for you, there is nothing that we can really compare to the lemon. High in Vitamin C and B, the lemon can help remove dead skin cells, as well as help brighten certain parts of your face that suffer from discoloration, which can then give you that refreshed, awake look.


Peppers, especially bell peppers, contain Vitamin C, as well as other antioxidants, which are known to be good for your skin. There is actually more Vitamin C in a bell pepper then it is in an orange. With that being said, by including bell peppers in your diet, not only will you be able to get that glowy finish that you’ve always wanted, but it can also help you decrease the appearance of wrinkles, which is a benefit that no one can reject.


Instead of wasting your money on products that come with avocado extract which are said to do miracles to your skin, why not just try the real thing. This fruit is known to help you hydrate your skin, thus making it look healthier and younger. Regardless if you use it as a mask, or just as an ingredient in your everyday diet, this fruit is known to do the trick.


And last but not least, something that is sure to give you that desired glow is spinach. It’s a well-known fact that people who eat a lot of leafy greens are often healthier and less prone to skin diseases than those who don’t. Apart from this, it’s also known as one of the best anti-aging foods, which can also help reduce the puffiness and discoloration around your eyes. So, next time make sure you eat all of your greens.

How your body looks from the outside, will depend on how you treat it on the inside. Although we can’t see it, we need to nurture and take care of our body, if we want to look healthier and feel better. So, next time you are planning to go and spend a small fortune on a highlighter, why not invest in buying some delicious healthy food, which can give you that glow naturally.


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