How to get Long and Healthy Lashes

Although more and more people use false eyelashes to get that Hollywood glamorous look, wouldn’t it be better to be able to get that with our own lashes? Well, if you are one of those people that weren’t born with the most dramatic looking eyelashes or your lashes have seen too much and are now suffering, we’ve got just the tips for you. All of these remedies are natural, so they will be perfect for anyone, no matter how sensitive your eyes are.

Brush your eyelashes

Something that most people might not think of doing and something we don’t really do is brush our eyelashes. What this does is removes the dirt and dust that might have accumulated there and is now preventing their natural growth. Not only this, but it also encourages blood circulation which is said to bring nutrients to your lash follicles and help them grow faster. The best way to do this is by brushing them using upward strokes, starting from the root of the lashes upwards. Repeat this twice a day for maximum results.

Never sleep with your makeup on

One thing that you should avoid at all costs is going to sleep with your makeup on. There is nothing worse than sleeping with mascara or eyeshadow on. This is not only unhygienic but it’s also incredibly bad for your eyelashes and your eyes in general. This is so because if you don’t wash them, they’ll just become brittle and they’ll be more prone to falling. So, if you’ve applied any eye makeup make sure you remove it with either a makeup remover or a gentle soap, being careful not to damage any lashes.

Use lemon peels

One of the most well-known homemade remedy for longer and healthier eyelashes, and one that promises results is the use of lemon peels. Lemon peels actually contain vitamins such as B and C which are not only known to promote healthy skin but can also be used for hair growth. If you want to intensify the process then make sure you add olive oil. The way this works is by soaking one tablespoon of lemon peels in olive oil. Leave this concoction to sit for a couple of weeks, and use a clean mascara wand to apply it before you go to sleep. However, the key is to leave it all night long if you are to expect real results.

Massage your eyelids

The best way to increase the blood circulation is by massages. Well, although technically you can’t massage your eyelashes, there is a massage that can help your eyelashes grow. What you need to do is massage your eyelids near your eyelashes which in turns increases your blood flow and helps your eyelashes grow faster. Make sure you massage this area gently without pressing it too much and if you want real results, then do it every day. The best time to do it would be before going to sleep since it would be the perfect massage for a good night rest.

Avoid wearing fake eyelashes

If you want to give your lashes the chance to grow, then you have to give them a break of the fake eyelashes. The reason for this is that every time you put and remove your fake eyelashes, your natural lashes suffer greatly. Imagine how bad it must be to constantly apply glue near the root of your eyelashes, and how much worse it might feel to later peel it off. Therefore, if you want to retain the eyelashes that you have and stop them from falling, then leave the fake eyelashes for those special occasions.

Use olive oil

It’s a well-known fact that olive oil can be good for your skin as well as for hair growth. Well, this is exactly way olive oil may be one of the best remedies for thicker and longer eyelashes. Infused with Vitamin E, this is perfect for hair growth, making the lashes longer than ever. The best way to apply this would be by dipping an old clean mascara wand into olive oil and applying it gently to your eyelashes before going to sleep. Make sure you leave it on your lashes overnight and wash it thoroughly in the morning. You should repeat this process once a day for a couple of weeks to see the results that you want.

Even though falsies are something that more and more people use on a daily basis, there is nothing better than having natural long lashes. Imagine how much easier would it be to apply a coat of mascara and just be on your way, instead of having to put false lashes all the time. Well, with these tips you’ll be able to have the lashes that you’ve always wanted.

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