How to Treat Dry Legs

Something that everyone wants to have, especially in the summer period when we wear skirts, dresses or shorts is soft and smooth legs. However, there are some people that suffer from extremely dry legs all year round. There are certain things that can cause these dry and flaky legs, although there are also several things that we can do to treat and prevent them from happening ever again.

What’s the cause of dry legs?

Before diving into what we can do to treat and prevent dry legs, it’s also important to look at the things that cause this phenomenon. Some of the main culprits of dry legs are hot showers, harsh soaps as well as certain nutritional deficiencies and aging. Whatever the cause, this is still a problem that no one wants to live with.

So, how do you deal with dry legs?

Try to limit your time spent in the shower

One thing that you should definitely try to do if you want to prevent dry legs is limiting your time spent in the shower. When we having a shower or bath, we often wash away the natural oils in our body, which is why our legs are often affected. Therefore, it’s not always a good thing to shower too much, actually you’re doing more bad then you’re doing good. Instead of showering every day, limit your showers to every second or third day. Apart from that make sure you don’t spend a lot of time in the shower, but try to limit this too to about 10 minutes. When you’re in the shower adjust your water so that you aren’t having a shower with hot but rather warm water.

Get rid of your harsh soaps

Although we don’t really pay attention to the soap that we use during the shower it’s about time that we do. Most people only care about the fragrance of the soap, although that isn’t the most important thing. If you buy a soap which is designed for oily skin, you are further stripping the oils from your skin, making it even drier than before. Always buy soaps which are advertised for sensitive skin, because these are the ones that are designed to treat dry skin and actually bring back the moisture.

Try olive oil

Something that everyone can find in their kitchen and something that has been proven to work not only in hair growth but also in the battle against dry skin is olive oil. This is so because this oil is known to possess antioxidants that not only bring back the moisture in your skin but also make it stronger. What you can do is to take a small amount of olive oil and just rub it on your legs. The key here is to do this process at night so that you can leave the oil on your legs while you sleep. Then, when you wake up in the morning you can just rinse it off with warm water. However, if you don’t feel comfortable sleeping with oil all over your legs, then you can just do it an hour before you have a shower and repeat this process as much as you can. The more you repeat this process the faster you’ll be able to see results.

Make changes in your lifestyle

Although you can do so many things to deal with dry legs, if you want to prevent them from appearing again, it’s important that you make some lifestyle changes. This means drinking more water because it’s a known fact that if you don’t stay hydrated, your skin will suffer by becoming drier and flaky. Another thing you can do is limit your time spend in socks because it’s also been proven that by wearing socks constantly we’re removing the moisture from our skin, so you should definitely take them out as soon as you can. Another thing which is a big no-no if you want to be free of your dry legs is overexposure to the sun. So, next time you’re going on holiday, maybe try to protect your legs, and either don’t expose them to the sun too much or wear sunscreen.  However, not only should you protect your skin from the sun, but the cold won’t do it any good either. When the air is dry and the weather is cold, your skin tends to get even drier which is why you should wear protective clothing and always moisturize.

Having dry legs is actually more common than we think. However, what we do to prevent this and treat it is very important if we want to be rid of it once and for all. Whether this is something that happens to you constantly or you’re just now experienced it, following these few tips might be just what you need.


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