How to Treat and Prevent Chapped Lips

Don’t you just hate it when your lips get so dry that when you apply lipstick, instead of making them look better it only makes them look worse? Let’s not even talk about how it makes them look after applying your favorite matte lipstick. However, this is something that can happen to anyone and is often related to many different factors, from harsh weather to dehydration or even vitamin deficiency. With that being said, there are certain things you can do, or avoid doing in order to prevent the appearance of chapped lips.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

One of the main reasons for chapped lips is dehydration, so the logical thing to do to avoid this would be to stay hydrated. It’s crucial that you drink water, and how much you drink depends on you individually. If you engage in a lot of physical activities or spend a long time outside, then it would only be appropriate to drink more water. However, always make sure that you drink two or three glasses of water before eating, and maybe one glass before going to bed. This will not only help treat your chapped lips, but it will also help them from recurring again.

Avoid licking your lips

Although this might be a habit for some people, it is about time that you break it and move on. Something that doesn’t help your chapped lips, and is one of the causes that you might have them in the first place is licking your lips. This is so because as the saliva dries on your lips, it just takes your moisture, which then leads to chapped lips. So instead of trying to moisture your lips by licking them, why not reach for your lip balm. If you’re a person that has the habit of licking their lips, then maybe it’s best to avoid flavored lip balms, since these might make you want to lick them even more.

Give coconut oil a try

One of the best natural remedies for chapped lips is coconut oil. This has the same properties of a moisturizer helping your lips stay moisturized. One of the things that make coconut oil the real remedy is the fact that it contains Vitamin E that can act as an antioxidant that is what helps you reduce the dryness. If you want to see real results, it’s best to use it two or three times a day by rubbing a small amount on your lips. However, it’s always useful to continue using it even after your lips are no longer dry, just to help retain moisture.

Stay away from matte lipsticks

Although you don’t have to fully stay away from matte lipsticks, it’s best not to use them while you have chapped lips. Not only because it will make your lips look more chapped than they really are, but it will also make them even drier. So for the time, it might be best to go for your more hydrating lipsticks, or if you have to wear a matt lipstick always make sure you apply a layer of lip balm before.

Don’t forget to exfoliate

Something that you mustn’t forget if you want to avoid chapped lips is exfoliation. Although you can buy many lip exfoliators, there are also some natural one that you can make yourself, which are known to do the trick. Something that can definitely get the job done is mixing sugar and honey and creating your own exfoliator. Once the concoction is ready you can apply it gently to your lips by using a clean toothbrush and just brushing your lips back and forth. This will make your lips softer and prevent them from becoming chapped.

Learn to breathe through your nose

Something as simple as breathing can dry out your lips. However, it’s actually breathing through your mouth that really dries out your lips. With that being said, try breathing through your nose to help you prevent this. Most people breathe through their mouth because they might have a bad cold blocking them from breathing through their nose, although there are some people who just do it because of a habit. If you are one of the first people, then maybe it’s better to see a doctor and get rid of your cold faster, while if you are one of the second ones, then it’s maybe time to let go of this habit and try breathing through your nose.

Chapped lips can appear anytime, regardless of the weather or season. Therefore, it’s often better to take care of our lips all year round, instead of doing it just when we feel the need to. Any of these tips can help you treat those unwanted chapped lips, as well as help you prevent them from ever happening again.


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