How to Prevent Oily Eyelids

If you think that you’re the only one that has this problem, then you’re mistaken. There are so many people that have this same exact issue. You just want to wake up in the morning, put your make-up on, and hope it stays all day. Apart from wanting your face makeup to look on point, if you’ve put your time into perfecting your eye makeup too, then you don’t want your oily eyelids to mess that up.

What are the causes of oily eyelids?

There are many things can cause and add to this issue. One of the main ones is the overuse of products on your eyelids. Just because you’re putting a lot, doesn’t mean that you’re doing the right thing. Often it’s better to scale down on the products instead of putting too much. You need to learn how to layer your skincare instead of just randomly putting it on. Another cause is too much time spent in the sun, which can result in the production of oils, which then leads to more oily eyelids. However, stress and skin type can often be the culprits, guilty of this phenomenon.

How to prevent oily eyelids?

Stay away from putting foundation or concealer on your eyelids

If you’re trying to minimize the oils, then putting one or two more layers of cream on top of your eyelids, apart from your normal eye cream can be a sure plan for disaster. By putting cream on top of cream you’re just making them oilier than ever. Then, if you apply your eyeshadow on top, you’ll soon notice that it'll start to move and crease profusely. This is a direct result of putting too much cream to your eyelids. Just as you can’t put foundation on your eyelids, you also can’t put concealer. Both of these are cream products, and they’ll just make everything worse instead of making it better.

Use eye primer

Instead of using your foundation or concealer to prime your eyes, why not go for a real eye primer? There are primers that are meant to help you deal with your oily eyelids by preventing the oils from peaking through as well as assuring that your eye makeup stays put all throughout the day. What you need to do is after you’ve moisturized your face, on a clean eyelid apply the primer with either a brush or even better a finger so that it can soak all of the oils, leaving your eyes ready for eye shadow and eye liner.

Set your primer with a translucent powder

What you can do that will just add to the longevity of your eyeshadow as well as add to the fight against greasy eyelids, is to set your eye primer with a translucent powder. Since this powder is translucent, it will add no color to your primer or eyelid, so that the eyeshadow will be able to show clearly. What you need to do is take a small fluffy brush, and after applying your primer, go over the area with the brush coated in translucent powder. By putting this you’re mattifying this area even more, which will help your makeup to stay in place longer without any creasing or fading.

Choose the perfect eye cream

When on the hunt for the right eye cream, you should always have your oily eyelids in mind. This is so because a lot of people tend to buy what others have recommended, often not taking into consideration their real needs. Therefore, when picking an eye cream, if you have a problem with oily lids, always make sure you pick one that is oil-free and light so it doesn’t just add to the problem. Not only this but maybe try to scale down on the cream and apply it only before you go to sleep, instead of putting it three or four times a day. Just like with foundation and concealer, the more creams you put, the bigger the chances that area might get greasier.

Make sure you wash your face and eyes before applying anything

Something that is of crucial importance, and maybe the most important of them all is to always apply everything to a clean face. Even when you wake up in the morning, you should definitely wash your face so as to wash away any dirt or bacteria that have accumulated during the night. Even though you’ve had a shower or a bath the previous night, always make sure that you thoroughly wash your face in the morning before applying your skincare or makeup products.

Although many people might be having this same struggle, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. There are so many things that you can do and so many steps that you can take to assure that your eyelids stay dry and your makeup lasts all day long. So, if you really want to keep those oils away from your lids then make sure you follow these few simple tips.


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