How to Layer Your Skincare

Layers are always in fashion, but do you know how to layer your face? Skincare products need to be used in a particular pattern, so you should apply them layer by layer. Failure to layer won’t kill you, but it won’t do your face any favors.

Why Layer?

The truth is, no single skincare product can take care of all of your skincare needs. Even the best moisturizer in the world can’t help you exfoliate. It can’t do the work of a toner and flush out your pores, either. Even if you only use soap and a moisturizer, you’re still layering. In order to reap the full benefits of these products, you must use them in a particular order. Otherwise, you may completely undo the work of one or two products.

The Proper Order

  • Cleanser: This is your face wash. It’s important to always choose products specifically designed for your face, because this skin is much more delicate than it is on other areas of your body. There are many different types of cleanser, but if you have trouble with dry skin, you should probably switch to a creamy cleanser. These replenish moisture as they remove dirt, makeup, and other hazards. Don’t go overboard scrubbing, either. Treat your face gently, even if you’re exfoliating.
  • Toner: A toner is a tool for restoring your skin’s pH balance after cleansing, but it can do much more. It’s really, really great for pores. Not only does it do more than cleanser alone to remove impurities, but it also helps reduce pores’ visible appearance, so your skin looks smoother.
  • Serum: Think of your serum as a pre-moisturizer. Rather than stripping impurities, like the past two steps, this one gives your skin extra support. Unlike moisturizers, which are heavy and creamy, a serum is light and full of very small chemicals designed to skin deep into your skin. This delivers vital nutrients to the truly living layers of skin that do all the work. Remember, like hair, once you see it, it’s technically already dead. That’s why it’s so important to use serums, which work on a deeper level. Naturally, there is a huge variety of serums available to deal with all skin types and unique needs. It pays to do a little research on a serum before you buy it.
  • Moisturizer: Although different products offer many secondary benefits, the ultimate point of a moisturizer is to add and lock in moisture. The name kind of gives it away. A moisturizer should be your very last step, and you may not even need it. If you have dry skin, then you need to use a regular moisturizer to protect your face. If you have oily skin, you might not want to lock those fluids into your pores. Ultimately, moisturizer is like a shield, protecting your skin and the serum you applied before this step.

The right layering technique will help you achieve that perfect, youthful glow you’re looking for. Great products only work when they’re used properly, and your skin benefits from certain patterns more than others. Ready to change your daily routine for the better?

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