How To Get Rid Of Blackheads In Your Ears?

Blackheads can be found anywhere on the body, but they are found mostly on the face. It can really be a problem in eliminating them if found in the ear.

The ear tends to be overlooked when washing the body most times. This sometimes is caused when a person don't thoroughly rinse away hair products from the ear. Blackheads can also be formed from the buildup of shampoo or dirt.

Blackheads can be removed using a tool but it is ill advised to try this without an expert at home. Also, in regards to treating blackheads, there are specific ingredients in skincare products specially designed to unclog pores.

How to get rid of a blackhead in the ear

The external ear, where blackheads can be formed, grabs sound, aids balance and guards the more sensitive internal ear.

The external ear skin always needs special attention and care simply because it is quite close to the internal structures of the ear, which are sensitive and important for hearing.

These methods can be used to remove blackheads even in vulnerable areas like the ear.

Skincare products with salicylic acid

With an extreme level of care, most facial skincare products can also be used for the ears.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends salicylic acid for the effective cleaning of skin pores.

Though a doctor's prescription is most recommended, effective and even more stronger in the removal of blackheads in the ear. This doesn't mean people can't use over-the-counter cleansers or mask with effective ingredients to also achieve same result.

A person allergic to aspirin should refrain from using a product such as salicyclic acid cause it contains aspirin. Salicylic acide is a type of beta hydroxyl acide (BHA), while BHAs are chemical exfoliants which means that extract oil and dirt from skin pores without it being rubbed into the skin.

Please, be careful when using these skincare products as for it not to get too close with the ear canal being the tub that connects the external ear to the eardrum.

It takes few days to few weeks to see changes. Applying salicylic acid may also aid in the prevention of blackheads ever forming so people can incoporate these skincare products into a skincare routine.


The process of extraction involves removing blackheads, and this should be undertaken only by a specialist i.e a registered dermatologist.

A sterile instrument is used to clean up the pore. This process takes time and it doesn't prevent blackheads from forming again.

Attempting to handle the process of blackhead removal at home, will only make it worse and make it red, painful and might cause infection.

How can blackheads in the ear be prevented?

People should be very careful when cleaning the ear because it is very easy to damage it.

A mild soap and washcloth could be used when cleaning the external ear.

Keeping the skin clean

Keeping the skin clean and extracting dead cells can really aid in the prevention of blackheads.

Prevention processes seems to be the same for both the face and ear. The only significant difference is the fact that the inner ear is more difficult to see and thereby reaching it and cleaning it thoroughly can seem to be a little problematic. Cleaning the entire external ear is very possible with the help of a mirror, particularly a hand-held mirror.

Using a washcloth is a shower seems to be the easiest way to keep the ear clean. This process can be carried out after the rinsing of all remnants of hair products such as shampoo or conditioner from the ear.


This process involves the removal or extraction of dead skin cells. To aid the prevention of pimples and blackheads, removing these cells that clog pores is very crucial. Exfoliation is recommended that it occurs as often as twice a week. While this process won't cause any problems, carrying out this process more frequestly than adviced may lead to skin irritation.

Rubbing the skin with coarse material is seen as physical exfoliation. For this purpose, the facial scrub often contain rough particles like groundnut shells, salt and also coffee grounds.

Exfoliation products is usually not recommended for use in the ear.

Rubbing the external ear skin with a dry washcloth is another good alternative. The dead skin would now be removed by the rough surface of the washcloth.

Since touching the skin can transfer dirt, oil and sweat. If people can avoid touching their ears, blackheads might as well be prevented.

What is a blackhead?

Though blackheads look like it is made up of dirt from the skin but in a nutshell, it is actually formed from dead skin cells and natural oil.

A major difference between whiteheads and blackheads is this. Unlike the whitehead, the tip of the blackheads pore does not close over because the dead skin cells and oil which forms it has to react with oxygen in the atmosphere to turn it black.

Though blackheads are mostly seen on the face, but they can also be seen elsewhere on the body. Comedones is the medical name given to blackheads and whiteheads. To aid with the unclogging of pores, look for skincare products labeled non-comedogenic.

Mediacl professionals trained in skin treatment are know as dermatologists. It is recommended that a person with a substancial amount of blackheads should go consult a dermatologist. Seeking mediacal advice, opinions and recommendations is the best way to go especially when your skin condition is affecting your self confidence and maybe your work life and day to day activities.


It can be really tricky in getting rid of blackheads. Blackheads can be prevented from forming by always washing the ear in the shower and changing a skincare routine.

Applying a cleanser having salicyclic acid will help in dissolving oil and dead skin cells that clog/block the pores. Please it is recommended to consult a registered dermatologist paradventure this process does not resolve the blackhead removal issue.

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