How to Find the Right Foundation for Your Skin Type

Everyone wants to pick the right foundation for them, from consistency to shade.  Having so many options out there may turn out to be a good thing since there is no way that you won’t be able to find the perfect foundation for you. With that being said, it’s not that easy to pick a foundation, so don’t expect to just walk into a store grab one and leave, because there are certain factors that can influence your choice. Let’s look into those factors and see how you can find the perfect foundation for you.

Determine your Skin Type

One thing that you have to do before purchasing a foundation, is to understand your skin type. You can’t just buy a matte foundation if you have overly dry skin, just like you can’t go for a super dewy finish if you’re oily. Therefore, first you need to determine your skin type, and only then will you be able to find the foundation you need.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it’s crucial that you stay away from a foundation that promises to give you a shiny and dewy finish, because you’re not trying to emphasize the oils, but actually trying to subdue them.  Therefore, if you have this type of skin then a matte foundation can be the perfect pick for you. If you want to lock your makeup even more, then you can also go for a powder foundation and put it on top of your liquid foundation to make sure that you’re makeup stays in place all throughout the day.

Dry Skin

For people with dry skin, a big no-no is to pick a foundation that promises to give you a matte finish. This is so because overly dry foundations will just cling to your dry patches and emphasize them even more. Instead of getting a matte foundation always opt for one which is hydrating and maybe stay away from powder foundations.

Combination Skin

There are also people that have combination skin, which means that they are oily in some parts of their face, while they are dry in others. This is probably the most challenging skin type because people with combination skin often struggle to find the foundation that won’t make them overly dry or overly oily. The perfect foundation for people with combination skin would be one that promises to be long wearing but doesn’t have any shimmering particles in it. Then, you can just add powder foundation to the areas of your skin which are more oily and leave out the dry areas.

Sensitive Skin

Apart from dry, oily and combination skin, there are people that have sensitive skin. These people need to pay close attention to the ingredients so that they don’t put something on their face that can irritate them. Therefore, always go for foundations that are alcohol and fragrance-free and avoid overly high-coverage foundations, since these are often known to cling to out pores and can further irritate the skin.

Find the right shade for you

Once you’ve determined your skin type it’s time to find the right shade that works for you. Don’t try to match yourself online, because the shades are often not what they seem on your computer screen. So, the best thing that you could do would be to go to a store and put the foundation on your face, mostly your jawline, to determine whether it’s the perfect shade for you. However, don’t expect the store light to give you the realistic picture, so it’s always better to go out in daylight and see if it’s truly your shade or not.

Always get a tester

Before you buy a foundation it’s always smart to get a free tester so that you can test the foundation out and see whether it’s perfect for you. You’re in luck with this, since most makeup stores give out free tester that can last you a couple of days, which is just perfect to see whether the foundation suits you or not. It’s incredibly difficult to determine whether a foundation is for us by only swatching it on our jaw. We need to wear the foundation for a day at least to determine whether we should purchase it or not.

Identify your undertone

Not only should you identify the right shade for you, but you should also identify the right undertone. This means looking at your bare face and seeing whether your undertone is pink, or yellow. If it’s a more pink undertone, then you need to search for a foundation that has the same undertone, which is exactly the case if you have a yellow undertone as well.

Picking a foundation isn’t as easy as it seems. There are so many things that you need to take into consideration when picking the right foundation for you. From determining your skin type, finding your shade, to picking the right undertone and testing out the foundation. Only then can you choose the right foundation for you.

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