Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

No matter the age, your skin needs your attention. There are many products on the market, to help with many skin problems. Here we are going to find how we can deal with signs of aging and answer questions, that comes to minds of many: what skin care products for what age, important ingredients and lifestyle.


Creams for Wrinkles: Important Ingredients

Do not use anti aging cream if you do not need it. Good age to start using the cream is when on your forehead or around your eyes you will notice first lines. Most of the women start to notice them in their 20-ies (26-27 years old). That is the time when your skin has less collagen and elastin than skin used to have. Women in this age starts to lose also hyaluronic acid, responsible for hydration and skin firmness.

It’s time when is good to start using some light creams with vitamins. There is no point to start using strong anti-aging products. Skin care products should provide vitamins, your skin needs in that moment. That’s why using products that contain phytohormones by a 30 years old woman, won’t help her, because her body still possess hormones responsible to keep complexion in good shape.Stronger creams that contain retinol or higher concentration of vitamin C may be used in younger age as a treatment. When? When you work too much or have not enough sleep – times when your skin has not enough of oxygen and has dull tone. That’s when you can use stronger creams for few weeks, but if possible, please try to get more sleep instead of using creams.

Anti Aging Cream: Best Friend Forever

When you start using anti aging cream and try to stop it, your skin will age faster. It is good to change products, each cream offers different blend of ingredients, and aging skin needs many of them.

You can switch between creams that contain retinol, vitamin C, fruit acids or phytoestrogens. It is important though, to not change products too fast. If you want a product to work, you have to use it for at least three months.

Thick Layer of Rejuvenating Cream Will Not Work Better

You can apply thick layer only if you have really dry skin, but you will have to remove the excess of cream after 5-10 minutes. Other way your skin will get too oily.

Serum is Stronger Than Anti-Aging Cream

The reason is simple: it contains more active ingredients, but it also has lighter consistency (most of the times), that’s why it absorbs quickly. Evening is the best time to use serum, just before applying the cream for night. Serums do not only eliminate anti-aging symptoms, but they also brighten and hydrate your complexion, that’s why can be used by younger ladies. It’s recommended to use skin care serum from the same skin care line as your cream, they will better complement each other.

Some Rejuvenating Products Cure Acne

It’s a good information for ladies over 30 years old, that still have problem with acne. Rejuvenating and anti-acne properties have products that contain retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids. They do not only unblock pores and regulate sebaceous glands, but they also stimulate skin to produce collagen. If it happens that you are dealing with acne and wrinkles, please visit a doctor to better decide on treatment for you.

Diet and Lifestyle Have Big Influence on Aging Process

For skin very important are substances that neutralize free radicals: vitamin E (nuts, almonds), beta carotene (spinach, broccoli, peppers, carrot), vitamin C (sauerkraut, red pepper, kiwi). To keep in balance proper skin hydration will help unsaturated fatty acids (fat fish, linseed oil, rapeseed oil).

Healthy lifestyle is also important. Women that tan a lot, smoke cigarettes or have not enough sleep – age much faster.

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