Fighting Dry Winter Skin

Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, and now your face feels weird. Freezing temperatures bring dry skin, an issue many regular skincare techniques may irritate. We’ll go over the best ways to keep your skin soft, comfortable, and healthy this winter. No matter what kind of skincare routine you follow, one of these solutions is bound to help.

Limit Acids and Oils

A huge amount of cleansers use acids to strip the dirt and oil from your skin. These are great for combating oily skin that gets worse in hot climates, but when the cold sets in, these products can dry out any skin type. If you use acid or oil based cleansers, then you should rethink your skincare regimen until the outside world warms up. Remember, even if you’re inside most of the time, heating systems dry out air and consequently dry out your skin. Winter is the desert season for your skin. Try not to use acids more than once a day, because they combat moisture as much as dirt and dead skin.

Remember that oil based sprays and serums also have limits. They are only temporary solutions to your bigger dry skin problem. That doesn’t mean you should give up on them entirely, but don’t rely on them. There are better seasonal solutions.

Increase Milks and Creams

Dry skin isn’t healthy, of course, which is the primary reason you should change up your skincare routine. However, dry skin is also uncomfortable, and spending an entire season with a stiff, dry face is just unpleasant. Fortunately, the second step in dealing with this issue is a simple follow through of the first. When you set aside your acids and oils, bring in the milk and cream. Creamy cleansers help your skin retain moisture. Although they still get the dirt and excess oil off your face, they don’t strip away moisture in the same step. Your skin is pretty powerful, and sometimes just allowing your skin to keep its natural assets is the most useful technique.

Pairing a creamy cleanser with a good moisturizer will maximize the replenishing effect. So, make sure your winter skincare routine includes creamy or milky cleanser in addition to a strong moisturizer. This will give your skin the boost it needs to weather the dry winter air.

Use Hyaluronic Acid

Winter is a great time to experiment with new products. If you don’t use a serum with hyaluronic acid (not to be confused with acidic cleansers), you really should. It’s great for lots of things, including self-treatment of minor skin injuries. As a moisturizer, it supports your skin’s regenerative abilities and may help combat the damage caused by freezing temperatures, amplified sun damage, and other winter issues. You can often find this ingredient mixed with Vitamin C, which is always a good choice for skincare products.

Think of winter as an excuse to pamper yourself. While you still need to worry about periodic exfoliation and other routines, your face needs more tender loving care than usual. Try the creamiest cleansers, avoid acids, and try something new.

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