Are Your Skincare Products Working?

We often get swept away by countless advertisements which claim that their product is a miracle worker that can make all our wishes come true. Then again, we often expect either too much or not enough from a product, so we can’t be sure whether it truly works or not. Pilling up product after product, and trying one thing after the next, one question remains unanswered. How do we know that our skincare products are working?

Patience is key

One thing that everyone needs to understand when testing new products is to give it time. You can’t expect that by using a product once or twice, all of your problems will disappear. It’s just not that easy. When trying out a new product, it’s always best to use it for a longer period of time so that you can get an idea whether this product works for you or not. However, there are those products that can immediately make you break up in acne or rashes, so after trying the product for two or three times, and seeing the same results, it’s better to quit using it immediately. On the other hand, if a product doesn’t result in any negative or positive effects, it’s wise to use it over and over again, for a period of one to two months to see whether it does something for you or not. If you feel no changes on your skin after using a product for two months straight, then it’s safe to say that that product doesn't work for you. However, if you’ve only used the product once, there is absolutely no sure way to know whether it’s a good or bad product.

Give your products some time


When talking about moisturizers, there is a lot of debate about how long you should use one to see the results. Well, since we’re talking about moisturizers, there aren’t really any dramatic results that you should expect to see. This is why some people can’t decide whether their moisturizer worked for them or not. If you’re looking to get your skin looking fresher and healthier then a moisturizer should be able to give you those effects immediately. However, if you’re looking to get rid of wrinkles, then you truly can’t expect them to just go away after two weeks of applying the product.


When it comes to cleansers, since we don’t leave them on our skin but wash them away, we can’t expect any miraculous effects immediately. Although our skin can feel cleaner and better almost immediately after we’ve applied the cleanser, to really see results, we should use the product for a month non-stop. Only then will we be able to make a fair assessment whether the product does what it claims or not.

Acne treatments

This is a rather difficult topic since when talking about acne treatments different skin types react differently. With that being said, we can’t really pinpoint a time where you should check to see whether the product works for you. However, when getting a new acne treatment product, you’ll be able to see results anytime between 24 hours to 3 weeks. So, there are some products that will show fast results immediately, while there are those that take weeks to show us what they can do. Therefore, when trying out a new acne treatment product, it’s best to give it two to three months to see whether it does what it’s supposed to do.

Use your products as instructed

One mistake that a lot of people make when testing out new skincare products is using them however they find fit, instead of following the instructions that come with the product. If you’re one of those people that uses a product however they want and then complains when they don’t see results, then maybe you should check that product again and give it a fair shot. We can’t expect for something to work if we don’t use it properly. Therefore, if a product is said to be used three times a day, seven days a week and we only use it once a day for five days a week, then we shouldn’t expect the claims of the product to come true.

When looking at skincare products it’s often hard to determine which of them are the real deal and which are just not for us. Therefore, it’s imperative that we be patient and give these products a fair chance before judging them. Never expect a product to perform miracles in a matter of hours or days, because this is often unbelievable. On the other hand, always follow the instructions, so that you know that it’s not you that causes the product to not perform as it should, but that it’s the product itself that you should change.

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