Another Reason to Wear Your Sunscreen

Don’t like sunscreen? You’re not alone. That said, you still need to wear it. Your skin’s smoothness, tone, and elasticity are at stake. More than that, however, failing to put on sunscreen actually puts your life at risk. If you still aren’t convinced, a new study may change your mind. A rare, lethal form of skin cancer is on the rise.

Rare Skin Cancer Is Becoming Common

According to a recent study from the American Academy of Dermatology, a rare form of skin cancer is on its way to becoming significantly less rare. That’s bad news, especially with summer just around the corner. As you start replacing those sweaters in your closet with tank tops and sundresses, though, be prepared to adjust your skincare regimen accordingly. The consequences of forgetting your sunscreen could include your life.

Merkel cell carcinoma, the skin cancer in question, is far more deadly than more common forms of skin cancer, like melanoma. It used to only afflict a few thousand people every year. Melanoma can appear in tens of thousands per annum. Skin cancer cases are rising across the board. However, while melanoma cases only increased around fifty percent, MCC nearly doubled.

A particular part of the population is especially susceptible to this form of skin cancer. Middle aged individuals, particularly those in their sixties, are at heightened risk, which is bad news for anyone looking forward to retirement. MCC is considerably more lethal than most forms of skin cancer, and this growing percentage of new cases should bring you some personal alarm.

How to Stay Safe

Being aware of the potential dangers of ultraviolent light is the first step. Although cancers like melanoma are still serious, they are relatively easy to treat compared to other common forms of cancer, so many people dismiss it. MCC’s rise should help you rethink your strategy the next time you prepare to go outside in flip flops. Flip flops are great, but any and all exposed skin needs sunscreen. Yes, that includes your feet. Feet are actually a common victim of skin cancer for just this reason.

Skin cancer isn’t a good look on anyone, especially if it spreads to your internal organs. Having the perfect tan isn’t worth it if you’re perfectly bronzed in a coffin. Always use sunscreen – always! Always have two sunscreen products on hand, one for your face and one for the rest of your body. Facial sunscreens will help prevent that icky oily feeling body sunscreens leave behind, and they’re unlikely to cause breakouts. You do need to use full body sunscreen, though, even in the winter. Experiment with different products until you find the right blend for you. If you’re wearing sunscreen as often as you should, you’ll go through bottles fairly quickly, anyway.

Sunscreen is a simple addition to your daily skincare routine that could save your life. That makes it one of the most valuable parts of your regimen. Don’t play the odds. Stay safe. Your skin will look better, longer, too.

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