5 Reasons Why Night Gel by B22 Health is a Must for Aging Skin

There may be no better place to test your resilience against decision fatigue than the harrowing and over-saturated world of skincare. A seemingly basic check-list of items to purchase—cleanser, toner, moisturizer (add eye cream and a few serums if we're talking to the cognoscenti)—becomes an overwhelmingly difficult task when faced with infinite options. Undecipherable ingredient labels paired with wily marketing jargon can leave you grasping for whatever packaging looks prettiest. 

So, we're here to clear up a bit of confusion and demystify the process of selecting the most important step in your skincare routine—your moisturizer. In five easy bullet-points we'll explain why Night Gel by B22 Health  is in a league of it's own; Night Gel is a revolutionary moisturizer that combines the most potent and mindfully sourced ingredients into one luxurious formula. Whether your skin is oily or dry, young or mature, acne-prone or not, these are the five "musts" that earn Night Gel top marks and that you need to examine before buying any moisturizer. 

#1. Promotes skin clarity and hydration with natural humectants 


At B22 Health, we've sourced the most hydrating natural agents available on the market, including hyaluronic acid, saccharide isomerate, glycerine, and glycine betaine sugar extract. These ingredients work in tandem to deeply hydrate both the lower layer of the skin and the uppermost epidermis, promoting long-lasting hydration.

Humectants are the single most important ingredient in any facial moisturizer. These powerful proteins are responsible for drawing in water molecules from their surroundings in order to keep your skin smooth, supple, and hydrated. We'll leave the chemistry lecture for another day, but suffice it to say these water-loving molecules work in two ways: 1. They pull water vapor directly from the air around them. 2. They pull moisture from lower layers of the skin up to the topmost layer, the epidermis. 

Humectants, in essence, make a moisturizer moisturizing. But it's important to remember that not all humectants are made equal. Steer clear from popular synthetic humectants that can actually wind up causing more harm than good: propylene glycol, sorbitol, PEG, silicones, and urea. While companies will boast these humectant's hydrating properties, many of these artificial ingredients can actually interfere with the body's natural moisturizing elements, leading to dehydrated skin, irritation and potential outbreaks. Instead, keep your eye out for those powerful plant-derived humectants like those in our Night Gel formula!

#2. Reduces dryness and redness with the optimum pH Balance

B22 Health's Night Gel sits at a healthy 5.2 to ensure the moisturizer is working in sync with the skin's natural mechanisms. The skin's acid mantle is the body's most powerful defense against bacteria, environmental pollutants and allergens—but, ironically, it's also incredibly fragile. When the pH of the acid mantle is even slightly compromised, your skin will rebel in a myriad of unfavorable ways: excessive oiliness, dryness, redness, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and/or advanced signs of aging. The optimum pH level for your skin is slightly acidic, falling between 4.8 and 5.5, so it's crucial that your moisturizer lies within this range. 

#3. Eliminates irritation and toxins from synthetic fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are the most insidious ingredients of the beauty industry. Unlike other ingredients, whose full chemical names are required to be listed on the label, the countless chemical compounds that make up a single fragrance can surreptitiously hide behind the words "parfum" or "fragrance." At B22 Health, we're proud to say our Night Gel has no synthetic fragrances.

The lack of transparency from other companies is especially worrisome given the lack of testing on the 5,000+ molecules that are routinely used by the cosmetic and fragrance industries. The American Academy of Dermatology claims that fragrance is the number one cause of cosmetic contact dermatitis, with more than 2 million people affected yearly. In short: it's hard to know if harmful toxins and chemicals are lurking behind that seemingly benign "fragrance" tag.

To avoid the risk, bypass products that include any fragrance or parfum and opt for formulas that include essential oils or natural extracts. 

#4. Diminishes sun damage and wrinkles using natural antioxidants

Don't just fill your diet with antioxidants, pack your skincare routine with 'em like we do at B22 Health. These naturally occurring vitamins and minerals boast a bevy of healing properties—from reducing inflammation to repairing sun damage to firming your skin. Think of antioxidants as your skin's own team of superheroes, fighting off all the environmental pollutants and negatively charged particles that cling to and damage your skin (known as free radicals). Niacinamide (or vitamin B3), vitamin C, retinol (or vitamin A), vitamin E, and resveratrol are known as some of the powerful antioxidants in the skincare world. While some of these antioxidants specialize in combating one specific ailment, others, namely niacinamide, function as a jack of all trades and its presence on the B22 Health Night Gel ingredient list earns it yet another gold star. 

#5. Maintains your body's homeostasis though being paraben-free

Consumers have turned away from parabens in the last few years—and for good reason. 

If this wasn't already clear, paraben-free is an absolute must and B22 Health's commitment to paraben free formulas solidifies Night Gel's special place on the shelves of anyone looking to free their body of toxins. Parabens are chemical compounds that have been used as preservatives in personal care products for decades as a way to prevent bacterial growth and contamination. But like so many ingredients in the skincare industry, beneficial properties are often accompanied by detrimental side-effects. Mounting research has found that parabens can potentially disrupt the body's endocrine system by mimicking estrogen and disrupting homeostasis, the body's internal state of balance. 

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Our new Night Gel checks off all our moisturizer "musts" and then some. This silky smooth, mindfully made formula deeply hydrates without feeling greasy or tacky. Plus, the stunning (and eco-friendly) packaging doesn't hurt either. If you're in the market for a new nighttime moisturizer, put B22 Health at the top of your list. 

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